The therapeutic is our signature massage. A combination of all modalities and enhancements tailored to your body’s needs for the ultimate healing and relaxing experience.

90 Minutes Therapeutic Massage

60 Minutes Therapeutic Massagesweedish-massage
Swedish massage consists mainly of long flowing movements aimed at relaxing the nervous system, increasing blood flow and rejuvenating skin.

90 Minutes Swedish Massage

60 Minutes Swedish Massage


Deep Tissue releases knots and trigger points by working through each layer of muscle fibers allowing me to get deep into the muscle.

90 Minutes Deep Tissue Massage

60 Minutes Deep Tissue Massage


Thai massage, also called “yoga massage,” involves a lot of deep stretching to help loosen, relax and balance the bodies energies. Daily stretching is important to prepare our muscles for the day and calm them down after being used throughout the day.

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese healing art that is based on the theory that your feet, hands and ears have points that corrospond through the nervous system with certain organs or parts of the body. By applying pressure the these points you can help alleviate pain and certain ailments to the corresponding points .

Cupping involves placing several cups over various parts of the body and suctioning the air out raising the skin. The purpose of cupping is to pull all the toxins, lactic acid, toxic or stagnant blood to the surface so your circulatory system can flush it out of your body. Cupping also pulls on the fascia to help continue to release knots hours after having them done.


The Spiritual Experience is an energetic and chakra healing technique. It begins with a smudge stick to clear all negative energies, then tuning forks to relax the mind and open energy pathways. During the body work, a series of essential oils specific for each chakra will be massaged into the body.


Lymphatic Drainage

Combined Manual Lymphatic Drainage with Lymphatic Enhancement Lights are great for before and after surgical procedures to rid the body of inflammation and excess fluids. Also significantly reduces recovery time.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Massage Enhancements

Body Scrub Foot Scrub

Tuning Aromatherapy

Cupping Hot Stones